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Modern Dance

Great For Improving

Modern dance is great for improving the well-being of your child. It allows your child to be expressive in his or her motions and gives them a chance to experience different music and meet new friends. It’s a great form of exercise as it boosts a child’s lung capacity and improves muscle and flexibility. There are many different types of dances for kids. Your kids can try everything from ballet to creative movement to find what sticks with them while also giving them an enjoyable experience and many unexpected benefits of dance.

Modern Dance is constantly changing and molds to the personality of the person dancing. It tends to be dramatic, touching on human emotion. Modern dance can be experimental, not always having themes or a story, which makes it seem open-ended, giving the dancer a chance to create his or her own expression. Modern dance is inspired and created by mixes of other dance forms and is known to reflect certain events and feelings.

An example of a modern dance lesson would be to make a movement structure using various colors of a rainbow and creating a way to depict its different colors. Modern dance is now categorized through expressions of the body, harsh body movements and emotional dance experience. It’s ideal to be surrounded by others in a modern dance lesson as it would teach your child to learn to interpret on their own and have a deeper understanding of their peers’ views and ideas.


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Design, Art Direction


28 Aug 2019

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